Display issues of 3D building data in ArcGISPro

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    Elliot Hartley
    Elliot Hartley

    I’ve been having an issue with some 3D Building data in ArcGIS Pro.  In ArcGlobe and ArcScene this data is displayed fine that is I can make out the building forms easily… yet in ArcGISPro all the buildings look very flat and I can’t change the symbology easily.

    Have a look at what I’m meaning with this screenshot.

    arcgispro vs arcgisglobe shading

    The answer as to why this happens is to do with how ArcGIS Pro now treats 3D data more like conventional 3D software (like CityEngine or Maya or something).  It pays attention to something called normals!   In this case my 3D data just required me to ‘reverse’ the normals to ensure it is viewed properly.

    I did this by importing the 3D buildings into CityEngine and because all faces were the wrong way round I was able to ‘select all’ and run the ‘reverse normals’ command (from the drop down menu in CE2015 this is missing from the right-click menu) to fix it.  After this you need to export the data back out to a FGDB for use in ArcGISPro.  That’s it the data should look like it does in ArcGlobe and ArcScene.



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